Payback 2

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Payback 2 Commands

Bear – Target will get attacked by a bear if he's farming wood or stone. Add -landmine to strap a bunch of landmines to the bear's face!

Potato – Target's (FPS) frame rate will decrease dramatically. Warning, this is designed to eventually crash Rust

Hogwild – Ride the cheater around like a pig! REEE!

Interrogate / Sack - Throw a hood over the cheater's head, force them to spill their secrets! They can't see anything unless they speak!! Supports spectate mode!

Spitroast - Stick 'em with the pointy end and feast on their tears.  Roast the cheater roticery style over the fire!

CrucifyIt's like the 'sit' command but taken to biblical proportions!

Radiation - Applies a ton of rads to target player

BuggedGun - Prevents target player from using their weapons

Bonk - Bonk that cheater right into the ground | use bonk on yourself to make anyone you hit bonkable

Minefield- Continuously generates a minefield around target player (can only hurt the target) -- /mine <targetplayer> <1 to 100> changes the density of the minefield

Train - Hogtie target player to the ground then run em over with a train!

Verbal Diarrhea - Target player starts spewing increasing amounts of horse dung when they use voice chat

PoopRocket - Propells a player through the air using organic fuel systems

RecyclePlayer - Recycle target player!

BatmanWhack players with a bat, aim for that home run!  Use this on the batter to give them the power of the bat. Sprint to triple the power, headshots will kill the target!

LagSwitch - Target player rubberbands constantly as if experiencing a ton of lag

OverCompensation - Target player is over compensating for their lack of bulge and ends up shooting into the ground

NoPickup - Target player always drops items when they try to pick them up

Flashbang - target player is flashbanged continously

SLOWBURN - Target player is burned slowly over time

Please check out Payback 1 for other commands like ROCKET MAN and SHARK!

Also Includes Commands Available In Every Payback Plugin

Payback 1 and 2 have different 'fun' commands, but these commands here are 'necessary' admin tools that are in every Payback version.

: target player deals no player damage to non-teammates. I recommend always putting this one on so your players won’t suffer any longer. This will also alert any players being attacked, saying:
“You are being attacked by [cheater name] a known cheater!
Tommygun’s Payback Plugin has prevented all damage to you.”

instantkarma : target player deals no damage to enemies and 35% of the damage is reflected back to them.

dud : target player deals no damage to NON-PLAYER entities. Also prevents farming / tool use.

sit : spawns a chair in front of you and forces the cheater to sit. Doesn’t let them get up and will place them back in if they die. This is great for sitting abusive players down and having a little chat!

higherground : target player is teleported 100m into the air

Loot : allows you to view target player’s inventory (in realtime) to check for hoverloot cheats or mess with their inventory!

NoRest – No Rest For The Wicked! Force the player to respawn!

Bag – Print all players that have bagged target player in, and print all players that have been bagged. Include “discord” after the command to log the results to discord.


  • This plugin is super light-weight, it’s been battle tested on high pop servers at Mango, Vortex, and even Rustopia!
  • Rust devs confirmed this plugin is allowed on COMMUNITY & OFFICIAL servers
  • All commands work through the F1 console as well as /chatcommands
  • I will be supporting this plugin with regular updates, and will fix the plugin promptly when it is broken by updates.  Payback 2 contains all of the content from 2022, and some content from 2023. 
  • The plan is to add about a year's worth of content to each version of Payback.  Check out Payback 1 for all the 2021 content!


  • Admins require the permission payback.admin to use these commands!

    Oxide permission command:
    oxide.grant group admin payback.admin

  • use ‘payback2’ to see what commands are available
  • Add “team” after a command to apply the effect to target player’s team as well as them.
  • use ‘/payback2 show’ to see which players have which cards
  • use ‘/payback2 clear’ to remove all cards from all players.
  • many of these commands have a shorthand name, use /payback2 to see them all
  • It is NOT necessary to remove effects from players when finished.
  • Payback 2 can be installed alongside Payback 1, but they do not depend on each other. You don't need Payback 1 for this to work!
  • If you use Permission Manager, you might want to change the line of code in Payback2 that says "payback.admin" to "payback2.admin", as that will allow you to grant permissions to Payback1 and Payback2 separately.  
  • You may get a message that says something like "Duplicate permission registered 'payback.admin' (by plugin 'Payback2') " -- ignore this message it's just a warning!

Support Requests

  • For all support, questions and feedback please dm me, 1928tommygun, on my discord at



  • Code contained in this file is not licensed to be copied, shared, resold, or modified in any way.
  • You may copy the plugin freely to each server instance that your organization owns.  I ask that you include an optional tip if you are a large server organization, the suggested amount is one copy for every 10 servers you are running. 
  • Do not share this plugin with other server organizations, they must purchase their own licenses.

Chadius - The Autonomous Admin

  • Payback works perfectly in combination with Chadius!
  • Chadius is single-handedly responsible for keeping Tommygun's servers cheater-free.  I cannot recommend it enough as an admin tool.
  • Chadius can alert you to cheaters as they join your server, and you can either set it to warn you so you can troill the cheaters, or you can have it automatically ban them.
  • Requires use of Battlemetrics.
  • Chadius is an A.I. admin that will protect your server when you're not available!
  • I strongly recommend checking out