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Place pickups that levitate and can be picked up by players!  You can create pickups for anything, weapons, ammo, scrap, whatever you like!  Great for role-play items in a safe zone.  Inspired by the floating coins in Mario!  Items respawn after a delay when there are no players nearby!



You need permission to use this plugin:

oxide.grant group admin pickups.admin

Put the command pickup into the F1 console to see and use the commands


  • pickup add <amount> <itemid> | add a pickup at your location | -rotate changes the default orientation -axis changes the rotation axis (play with these if it doesn't look right)
  • pickup kill | kill the nearest pickup | -all kills all pickups
  • pickup respawn | respawns all the pickups immediately
  • pickup cooldown <duration> | set the respawn cooldown for the nearest pickup | -all applies to all pickups
  • pickup save | Save the current config

Find itemids at https://umod.org/documentation/games/rust/definitions#items

For support, contact tommygun directly at discord.gg/tommygun